Friday, February 1, 2008

It's me again and I am sorry to harp on being sick. Doctor said it is strep and with antibiotic I will be well soon. I knew it could not be flu as I did get my flu shot!! I should have taken outside pictures today. We had an ice storm here, very dangerous but also very pretty. No pictures, sorry.

In knitting, I finished a dishcloth, even used a crocheted border. Will take photos tomorrow. Frogged the whole pink hat, found a much better hat pattern

while searching different blogs. That is how I found Amy and her Longing for Spring Swap. DH found out I had a blog, he is a computer software engineer. He was impressed but I told him not to be, I am a blogger newbie and know nothing!!!

Will start the new hat tomorrow. I found so many cool patterns while "blogging"

I need to email my swap spoiler again. She emailed me, yesterday I think. Feels like we have much in common. How cool is that!!!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are still sick!

Am anxious to see the "new and revised" hat...You'll have to share where you found the pattern.

I hate ice...I would rather have a good old fashioned snowstorm than an ice ice so far this winter....Knock on wood...

I hadn't seen the "Longing For Spring Swap"...I'll have to go and investigate.

Thanks for posting the questionnaire, though, gives me more hints :)

Take care - stay warm..

Did you give up on the buttons?

~Swap Partner
Defeat the Doldrums