Sunday, December 21, 2008


New camera, went shopping yesterday between snow storms, snowed Friday the 19th and snowing today. Took quick photos just now.

Will do more later when shoveling and also take pics of knitting.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Searching for photos still. Been doing mega holiday knitting, fingerless mitts, dishcloths, hats, scarves, slippers etc. I did not get all of gandkids Wallaby's finished, still plugging away on those. I am not fond of DP's so sleeves hold me back on the sweaters, need the DP's for the wee ones sleeves!!



Been neglecting my blog, not on purpose but had my DS and new DIL visiting. I gave them my nifty camera since they did not have one so no photos of my knitting until I replace camera. Will be a holiday present to myself!!! I do have photos of their visit and my DD sent me ones of her in the sweater I made her.

I made a sweater set for another niece who had a baby boy in October. It is all in blue and white and in a washable cotton as they live in a warm climate area. Also I made it a "larger" size so I would have time to mail out plus he was a "big" baby boy.

DH made copies of our family tree for whole family, I have loads of siblings (hence many nieces and nephews) and will send those out with my x-mas cards for everyone. DH's love is researching our family tree, he spends all his spare time doing that.

Looking for photos of DD in her sweater.