Monday, December 15, 2008


Been neglecting my blog, not on purpose but had my DS and new DIL visiting. I gave them my nifty camera since they did not have one so no photos of my knitting until I replace camera. Will be a holiday present to myself!!! I do have photos of their visit and my DD sent me ones of her in the sweater I made her.

I made a sweater set for another niece who had a baby boy in October. It is all in blue and white and in a washable cotton as they live in a warm climate area. Also I made it a "larger" size so I would have time to mail out plus he was a "big" baby boy.

DH made copies of our family tree for whole family, I have loads of siblings (hence many nieces and nephews) and will send those out with my x-mas cards for everyone. DH's love is researching our family tree, he spends all his spare time doing that.

Looking for photos of DD in her sweater.

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Andria said...

Hi! Is that my baby boy you're talking about? If not can I place an order for a sweater? You should come out and see us next time you are visiting your daughter. I don't think we're that far from her.