Friday, March 7, 2008


Woe is me, have been suffering with a migraine now for 3 days. Hasn't stopped me from knitting my tote or finishing up ARM's (granddaughter) sweater. BUT I feel like throwing up!!!!!!!!!! BLECH!!! Can I cut off my head??????????????????????? This weekend I plan to do a skirt to match sweater. Then have to get into the mail!!! I used a cotton blend so she could wear this spring.

DH is working on tiling our whole bottom level of house. We have a bi-level home. Most rooms are done. We are using Indian River slate, we put up new paneling in family room, I know paneling but paneling was there previously so easier to just replace than to put up all new sheet rock. We used a much lighter REAL wood paneling and it looks great. Painted the other walls a deep green. I am so pleased with the results. DH is working on the "extra" bedroom downstairs which will be the exercise room when done much to DS's dislike, it was his room.

Next, I need to set up my corner of family room with my sewing stuff and knitting supplies. Will put up pictures when get a chance, DH won't let me take until rooms are perfect!!!!!!!!!!
Crazy DD and her DD at an 80's party in January.


Alaina said... have my sympathy...I hate migraines...three days...ouch!!!

Sounds like lots of work going on - but will be wonderful when done - am looking forward to pictures :)

Hope you are feeling better soon...

Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I just had deviated septum surgery hoping it will stop my migraines knock on wood havent had a migraine since March 4th when I got out of the hospitol.I was having them 3 times a day in the hospitol so I know how you feel.Hugs Darcy