Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just received my package today from Samantha and all I can say is WOW!! Yarn is a great Seacoast hand painted sock yarn in Sunny Day, love the colors!!!The pattern (hard to see) is for a great Japanese Feather Stole or scarf and since I just signed up for the International Scarf swap, the pattern is great!!
Samantha went with a handmade "local" theme.

I know the
questionnaires always ask if you collect anything and I never can think of anything. I do collect pins, started when I inherited some from my grandmother and now when I travel I look for cool pins. She could not have known this so..... and the one she sent is just beautiful but the picture does not do it justice, it may be the photographer too though. Thanks Samantha, I love everything and will be throwing my keys into bowl every night!!
Time for coffee and yummy looking cookies!!!


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Alaina said...

What a great package!!!

Love that bowl - and the! How fun...

Hope all is well in your world :)