Sunday, April 6, 2008

WooHoo Only 10 More Days............

I am leaving on the 17th to visit my kids and grandkids. ARM's 9th birthday is the 20th and it is also Passover, my kids favorite Jewish holiday!!! I cannot wait, it sucks only getting to see them 4 times a year. They were skiing and snowboarding this weekend as they got MORE snow. Living in the Rocky Mountains at 11,000 ft will do that. Colorado and snow, IT ALWAYS SNOWS WHEN I GO THERE!!!, here I come. I went one August (late August) and that is the only time it did not snow but the nights got down to 30 degrees. They have a creek in thier back yard and we watch the rafters fly down the creek. It is so pretty and tranquil there. I am ready to retire!!!

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