Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Ramblings..............

Back is not good, doing Physical Therapy (PT) 4 times a week. Hoping this will pass soon, was active before this set back. Because of back, house needs cleaning, may have to hire someone to help!!

Also because of back have not had time or felt well enough to sit to get a much needed hair cut. Called Supercuts today since you can get a cut without shampoo, blow dry etc which eliminates lots of time and bending backward during hair wash. Will do again since it is very economical. Told hubby was going for a haircut and did he have any input. He said do what ever, you do want you want anyways, he is well trained after 37 years!!!!!! Got to Supercuts at 11AM, no waiting, was done by 11:20! Woohoo!!! And Michaels is right next door to Supercuts where I picked up Cotton Ease for sweater for DD. Then home to veg and knit in ac as it is extremely humid & hot here in NJ. Can take the heat but the humidity is a killer.

A very good day!!!!!


Alaina said...

So sorry to hear about your back...back pain affects everything...

Yes, you do have him well trained.... Lol! Sounds like the cut went well....and yarn...well, that's bonus stuff... ;)

Take care and enjoy your a/c.

michelle f said...

I'm so sorry about your back, Kat! Other than the pain, the day sounds just about perfect! :)

Anonymous said...

Sure sorry to hear about your back. Hope you will still be able to come to NY in July!

I have had computer "issues" for the past two weeks and just saw your post. It is hard to imagine living before the internet, but I know we did!!!

Let me know how things are with you.......I worry!

Love You,