Saturday, May 16, 2009


A quilting I am doing!!!

Got a new sewing machine about 3 years ago. Only opened it last August and just to mend Grandson's comforter. But I decided I was going to start sewing and quilting again so read the book on how to operate new machine(only a Kenmore). Would love a computerized Berina, maybe hubby will get me one for xmas if I keep sewing.

A co-worker is getting married soon, I am not going to wedding, going to Colorado to see the grandkids. Decided to make co-worker a quilt, as a heirloom. It is an easy one, basically just squares but it is called Portugal and since they are from Portugal, very fitting!!

Quilting Strips

Strips being put together

All strips sewn together

Close ups

I will do the 2 borders, add the batting, back, bind and then machine quilt a pattern tomorrow.

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