Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still Alive! LOL

Had the grandkids for 2 weeks, then went on vacation with them for a week. Been sick, construction on bathroom, just crazy around here. Not knitting much but want to! Going out to Colorado in a few weeks to see kiddies and family again. WOOHOO!!!!

When I get back I will get my new addition to the family, meet Kenzi!! My sis is giving me this cutiepie!! Isn't she adorable? Love ya Jules!!

Kenzi at about 3-4 weeks old.


Julie said...

She is getting bigger every day. Has such a sweet personality too! I've also learned she is a "picky" eater....won't eat soft canned food. She prefers super chopped up dry food softened with water!

Kat said...

Belongs right here, Pippi is a very "picky" eater too. We now get her food from vets, Prescriptives, because that is all she'll eat! We travel with her food!