Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mom's Hat Dilemma

I finished hats for mom, she washed and dried first one which was wool. Made a new pink one in super wash wool so she can wash and dry.

Sleeping & looking innocent!
Yesterday, little monsters got into my "knitting/crochet" bag and instead of messing up yarn decided to eat the buttons on mom's pink hat!! I should have taken pic but~~~~~~~~

Because of button eating, there was a hole in hat soooo today I am making a new one!!!
Good thing they are fast and easy!!

The "monsters" after their haircut!!!!

Not me, I'm innocent. I hate grooming day!!!!


Mamere Knits Too Much said...

i don't like grooming day either! STOP it! they are cuter without...

Mamere Knits Too Much said...
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