Monday, January 28, 2008


Still have not yet had time to work on blog buttons and pictures. During the week, I work from 8:00AM (actually get to work at 7:30) until 5:00PM. Get home, make dinner, do a little vegging by doing a newspaper crossword puzzle and playing with doggie who needs exercise desperately, then eat, clean up, knit for an hour or so, depending on how I feel, spend some time on computer and then retire for the night to start allover again. Weekends: Saturdays are errands and shopping etc. Sundays during winter is football watching/listening while doing laundry/cleaning.
I love the winter and especially snow but hate going to work in dark and coming home in dark. If it has to be cold then should have SNOW. Snow is pretty, rain is dreary! Snow lightens up winter!!!

I no longer have kids at home so you would think I had more time, NOT!!! Guess I functioned on NO sleep when raising the kids. I cannot do that anymore. Glad I had my kids when I was young!!

Will take photos of projects working on and try to post tonight or send to work (where I am now) and post early in the AM.

It is warming up today (high 30's) but waiting for our annual Feb/March blizzard!! WOOHOO!


Dorothy said...

I have little kids, and pretty much, I function on no sleep. I'm eagerly anticipating sleeping 8 solid hours without interruption!

Anonymous said...

I have teenagers - so, instead of "waking" up - I now find myself "waiting" up - :)

Sounds like your day/week is so similiar to mine....Doesn't it just seem like we wish our lives away as we eagerly wait for the weekends and a little free time?

~Swap Partner
Defeat the Doldrums

Kat said...

I remember very well the waiting up period. I dreaded hearing phone ring late at night. Our roads here in "country" NJ are awful, and NO street lights.

Yes we do tend to wish our lives away but in my life now I choose to work and do what I do. If I miss work because sick etc. I no longer stress over it.