Saturday, January 26, 2008


My secret swap pal gave me instructions for buttons and linking photos. I will attempt to do that tomorrow. I am sooo tired, ran many errands today plus had an eye doctor appt. early this morning and I have a horrible cold. Everyone at work is sick soooo I naturally caught it!!! I think they opened the windows in our office this weekend to "kill the bug." It is really freezing here (17 without wind chill factor) so it should kill the germs.

I have finished my dishcloth for my own swap partner and now need to get more info from her to add to the package.

Knitting projects on the needles are another hat, a co-worker that received a hat for the holidays requested another in black for when she goes out with boyfriend. Also working on hooded sweater for 8 year old granddaughter and just got yarn for a skirt to match. On the needles are more dishcloths (becoming an obsession) for gifts for sister-in-laws birthdays, a scarf and another alligator scarf. I carry at least one project and yarn and needles in car so if stuck waiting (like at eye doctor's this morning) can accomplish something I like and not stress that I have to wait.

Well putting this sick body to bed early!! No football this weekend, BIG BUMMER!!!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're sick!

I hate being sick - and working in a high school - it seems like everyone is always sneezing and blowing their noses...I am constantly washing my hands! yuck!

The skirt sounds fun - I'm anxious to see "works in progress" pictures.

Aren't dishcloths contagious? I love the "instant" gratification.

What kinda of cotton are you using and what's available in your area?

Hope you are feeling better...chicken soup!!!

Take care.

~Swap Partner
Defeat the Winter Doldrums

Anonymous said...


I have that quote on the walls of my classroom - and it is also one of my favorites!!!

~Swap Partner