Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Defeat the Winter Doldrums Final Question

For this week, go through those who've commented on last week's topic - find someone who had an idea on their day that sounded appealing to you, as well, and tell us why, or what appealed to you, and link to their blog! If you can't find someone who has a day you think you'd enjoy, find one that you thought was interesting, odd, or funny in some way, and talk about it!

I enjoyed reading most of the answers. It was fun. I really enjoyed reading Grace Yaskovic's answer,

Since I have been ill for too long, I would love a day like that, There is a spot in AVON BY THE SEA here on the Coast of NJ, the boardwalk kind juts out just a bit further over the sand. I would sit right there by a table, with an umbrella or huge hat, my knitting and a picnic lunch of fresh bread, cheese, grapes and strawberries, and some Darjeeling Tea Iced and only very slightly sweetened (a special treat since I usually drink it plain) and a jelly donut for a true indulgence. I would have my Ipod Shuffle, leave the cell phone in the car, and knit away the day!! Then i would meet Tom for a seafood dinner and a dip in the hotel's indoor pool!!!

since I too have been very sick this winter and I love the shore. I would go to Cape May though, it is so quaint and historic. And I could enjoy like Grace above and then wander their many shops!!!

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Sarah said...

Kat --

the penguin pattern is a fiber trends one. If you send me your email address at sprincipe@gmail.com, I can get you pdf's of the pattern.