Monday, February 25, 2008


Well, I arrived home to find a package on my steps, it was from with my vitamins. Then I went to mail box and found another package, yep, this one was from my secret swap partner for the Defeat the Winter Doldrums!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ALAINA!! Since this was my first swap, Alaina gave me great ideas for my next swap!!! She packed everything so nicely in a reuseable file box!!! Terrific idea!!!

Besides her note, she also included a postcard of where she is from. She is one smart lady.
I love everything! My hubby thinks it is so cool I am doing swaps. He enjoyed watching me put mine together which I sent today.

My goodies and dishcloths from from Alaina. I hope we will continue to chat as we seem to have much in common!!!

I am going to have a chocolate stick, right after I weigh in at Weight Watchers!!!


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Anonymous said...


You got that quicker than I thought! I mailed it on Saturday...thumbs up for the postal service :)

I am glad you liked everything - I so enjoyed shopping for you and spoiling you...