Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So work has been slow and I have been able to blog alot today. Glad work is slow since somehow I injured my back/right leg.

I talked to my nurse sister and she GOT IT RIGHT!! :) YEA, she is so smart and THANKS so much!!~! I have a slipped/herniated disc (maybe 2). Doc says I have degenerative disc disease and she noted the exact lumbar regions but I forget where, I was in the car when she called, stopped driving but did not take notes!!! The x-ray taken last Friday was sent to an orthopedic who found it!!

I have an MRI scheduled for Friday when I see ortho doctor. NEED PAIN MEDICATION NOW. My family doctor gave me 14 (just 14) vicodin to use until I get to see ortho doctor and have MRI. Guess I shouldn't go through 14 before Friday afternoon but............................

I have NEVER had back problems before so NOW I totally sympathize with anyone who has!! The pain is unbearable, I don't even get any relief when lying down.
Tough year for me (starting in Sept 07)!!!

I made a few of these for kids Ipods and digital cameras.

Mr. Baseball, for his pop-pop!!!


Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear that you are having back problems. I sure hope the specialists can fix everything up like new. Was it the climbing on the Drive that started it? You never said anything-----let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Love, Marie

michelle f said...

Thanks for the great ideas for sock yarn - love the little pouches!

Alaina said...

So sorry to hear bout your back problems...Hope your feeling better by now.

Take care.

Love those pouches :)