Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keepin' Cool in the Summer Dishcloth Swap Weekly Topic # 2

This week's topic:
Living in Atlanta, I know Summer has truly 'arrived' when it begins to get humid. Blech. When I was a kid, I knew Summer was starting the easy way - School was out!! Share with us how you know that summer has truly 'arrived', or something that signifies the start of Summer in your world.

I know summer has arrived when there are no school buses out during my morning commute to work. In addition, the commute is heaven, traffic is a breeze!!

I know summer has arrived when we have to put on the a/c.


Darcy knotty Knitter said...

I can definitely relate to you on the humid hot ickyness thing as I live in the mojave desert.Hugs Darcy

michelle f said...

Kat, you are always so nice and supportive of me! :) You're the best!

Alaina said...

Send some our way! LOL We have been so cold and rainy...hardly been a summer....