Friday, August 22, 2008

Alive but in Poison Ivy Hell!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a small bout of poison ivy when I went to NY State to visit in May. I thought WooHoo, none of my "yearly" bad bouts!! Well how wrong was I!!!

The day DD and grandkids left for home/Colorado (8/19/08) I pulled a humungeous weed from my front flower bed, it was more like a mini tree and came up easy from the mulch. Didn't look like poison ivy but......................

A day later my right eye swelled and closed up. I have it ALL over my face. I could post pictures but it is so grotesque that I will spare you. It is between my fingers on right hand plus it is all over my arms, legs etc. Trip to doctors incurred a cortisone shot, antihistimine shot and prescritpions for both plus script for a cortisone lotion. Work sent me home!!!!!

Hubby said good thing it happened after kids left so they would not see their grammy as Godzilla!!!


michelle f said...

Oh Kat - I wish you a speedy recovery! It's been a long, long time since I've had it, but I remember that the itching is misery. Here's hoping the drugs and cream work!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!!! That's terrible. I had a bad bout with it years ago but NOTHING like yours. I feel sooooo sorry for you. I hope all the medication helps.

Mom was thrilled to visit with all of you and see Steph and the kids....that's all she talked about.

Get better soon!!

Love, Marie

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you finish all the steriods cuz it can get in your blood system and make ya real sick.

Love you,

michelle f said...

I'm hoping the poison ivy gets enough of you soon and takes a hike! And thanks for the supportive comments about the little one - all is good now. :)